Monday, May 10, 2004

My First Post

Well... Here I am doing my first post... how exciting... mostly I decided to do one of these because I was reading an article about Google vs. Yahoo and how this service was part of google's attempt to differ it's self form Yahoo. Well I like google lots... and I've been thinkin that everyone is doing these blogs... so why not me... I don't have that much exciting stuff going on... but hey... not everyone that has one does either... so here ya go... oh and there was also the fact that I'm pretty bored at work tonight... that helped some too :-p so that's that... and here it is... and I don't have time to write anything else cause I'm afraid that I'll get engrossed in writing about stuff (as I do a lot in emails and such... and since this isn't much different that could definitely happen) which would be bad right now cause I get off of work in 9 minutes... woo hoo!! so I'm sure I'll be writing again here soon... and since I like quotes alot I shall end all of my blog entries with a quote!

Life is a blessing... but death is a chance. - Jeanette Winterson